Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore for a Satisfying Vacation

If you are among those who travel even during unholy hours then chances are you will be arriving or leaving Changi Airport in Singapore late at night or even before the dawn breaks. Don’t worry because it is possible to take that much-needed rest right at the airport by checking in at the Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore.

Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore

Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore

This hotel is located right at the airport so there is no need to take your chances riding the train or the bus during irregular hours. The management has made sure that they are able to provide their customers with the basic amenities needed by travelers to get a good rest to prepare them for their next destination.

Changi Airport is one of the finest airports not only in Asia but also in the world and the presence of this hotel is one of the factors that have contributed to this world-class reputation.

Ambassador Transit Hotel Amenities

The hotel can be found at the Departure Transit Lounges of the airport terminals so there is no need to go out of the airport or get Immigration clearance to be able to get a refreshing bath or a good rest. You will however be surprised to find that there is more to this hotel than what you expect it to offer.

Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore is said to be a luxury hotel right at the airport because of the very innovative and helpful services and facilities it offers. If you are on a connecting flight then make sure you avail of the wake-up call service of the hotel.

The hotel comes with a television and free facility for coffee and tea for guests who need to freshen up and rest for a few hours. But if you just want a quick shower in between flights or before you start your business transactions in the city then avail of the budget rooms which comes with shared toilets and shower rooms.

If you are staying for a few more hours or even days then you will enjoy other amenities of the hotel including the swimming pool and bar located at Terminal 1, the beauty and spa facility at Terminal 2 or the Gymnasium at Terminal 1. You can also do business while staying at the hotel through their Office Services facility at the three Terminals.

Ambassador Transit Singapore Options

It is possible to enjoy some of the luxurious facilities of the hotel even if you are not a hotel guest. The swimming pool is available for non-guests at a very affordable rate. You can refresh yourself at the pool and make use of the shower and basic toiletries offered by the hotel.

The good thing about Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore is that it offers a variety of room options depending on your budget. There is a standard room for single, twin or triple occupancy with a minimal fee for a per hour extension or for additional persons. The budget room is ideal for those who want to get a quick nap or shower but are on a tight budget Make self comfortable ,just see our now.